Colin McEnroe digs Mobjack, in a good way

WNPRWe were incredibly honored over the weekend to hear that Colin McEnroe of Hartford’s own, WNPR, had endorsed us on his show. The following is transcript of end of the show.

“Wolfie [Chion Wolf], or whoever’s on the board right now, you can bring up the music right now.  This is a local band, I’m going to endorse them.  They’re called Mobjack.

A lot of people send me their CDs and some of the CDs are good, and some of them are maybe good but not my taste, and some of them, well, a lot of them are frankly are just not that good.  These guys are really good.  I don’t know anything about them.  They recorded this in Windsor.

You can find more about them at Mobjackmusic[.com].  I think that’s mostly what their digital presence is, whether they’re on Facebook or Twitter, they have a website too.

Anyway, the band is Mobjack, I’ve actually already forgotten the name of the CD, this is the first cut, it’s called Dandelions, we’ll go out with it. [end show]”

As you can gather from his description of us, we don’t know Colin at all, which makes his endorsement all the more special. It’s really nice to hear from people you don’t know that they think your work has value.

So, thank you much to Colin and Chion over at the Colin McEnroe show for the plug and we hope to get you some more stuff to play on the air soon!


Vanish Line Officially Released

Vanish Line Lyrics

I don’t normally do this, but few people have asked if I would post lyrics on our site.  So here goes: these are the complete lyrics for Vanish Line.  I might follow up with the lyrics for Clean Slate and maybe even a dedicated lyrics page soon.  Who knows…



Beyond my own thoughts are strings of cacti lined along a vanish line,
Streaking past periphery as they blur into the mile marker signs,

We are bristling with youth and hurtling towards tragedy and scars,
As the desert air surrounds and we recount aloud how we each received ours,

We’ll meet the horizon where the sun goes down and deify the turnpikes’s twisting lines,
No thunderclap or man could remove our kingly crowns,
We are drinking dandelions,

Beyond all I know is a serenity of houses, farms and wives,
And everlasting souls arranged in pairs and moving through each other’s lives,

We may not be men but we are armored, we are shielded, we have pride,
We race around concentric circles burning all the homes where we reside.

Matter of Fact

Let it wash all over me,
Put the honey soap down,
I’m clean enough as you can see,
You’ve not enough to go around,

It comes as a matter of fact that she wasn’t mine,
It comes as a matter of fact that your tone’s out of line,

Let the sun rise up again,
I’m sorry Honey I’ve got to go,
You are the notion I’m swimming in,
You’ve more than just my word to know,

In spite of all of my answers and all of my reasons,
In spite of all of our fault lines I am alive,
And when you come up to my town you know that I will settle down,
In spite of all of your reasons I am yours,

The mountain carries my words to you,
Thrown around from time to time,
It’s not as though I wanted to,
My words don’t always speak my mind.


Stand tall and spend it all
I can spend the winter in high boots and overalls,
I’m down in Oxford Town,
There’s a hole in my pocket and I’m spinning like a cannon ball,

If that river were whiskey,
Baby, I’d be a diving duck,
All my friends would come by,
We’d sit down here and drink Firewater,

Scythe high at harvest time,
Bleed, sweat, and leave it out on the line,
And all my family ties will,
Join in as the day slips into night,

Find the levee and burn it down.

Northern Town

I followed my love to a northern town,
And she dressed in delicate gowns,
We were hanging around a northern town,

Shimmy she wobble on cobble stones,
Ripped up and carefully thrown out,
On the ground in delicate mounds,
Hanging around a northern town,

All my worries are fading away,
With each waking of a Canadian day,
I breath in and soak the chimerical rays,

I followed my love to a northern town,
And we kissed as the fireworks sounded,
We were hanging around a northern town,

Je suis heureux j’adore votre pay,
Vous etes le peuple du soleil,
Hanging around a northern town.


Before all the changes, I walked straight and upright,
With all of my faults in a line,
I gathered my essence to pour out like water,
And begat a hole in time,

My heels wore through feeling, painful and easy,
Waisting one step at a time,
Through meandering rivers of asphalt and concrete,
Begetting holes in life,

Encased in an island, hollow and sterile,
With spirits and walls intertwined,
If I had the power to wish straight through stone walls,
I’d beget a hole in mine.

I Am Not Your Friend

A year on my own and I was thinking that I’d bring the hammer down,
A better life had passed you by and gone while you were not around,
You can give me a phone call, drop me a line,
But I am not your friend; I’m your lover despite our lack of common ground,

All I want is for you to say it hurt,
But all I hear is the singing of a bird,
Preambles and non-sequiters and glibly stated artifacts,
I am yours, but I am not your friend I’m your lover,

An invitation to the ocean state for the weekend to relax,
I left the house with a couple of knives and a feather quill stuck in my back,
I told you before I came, I told you twice,
I don’t think I can do this again and keep my bleeding heart intact.

Drunk at the Library

Please don’t leave me right now,
I gotta get home and right now I don’t know how,

The top of the post was reachable only by air,
As the alarms cried out and the rebel ride jumped on the fare,

Lord don’t go anywhere,
The street is moving and I can’t breath in the air,

The curves of his face were etched out in black and white,
As the band packed up and the smoke rose up in the light,

I got a helmet; I got your back,

I’m alright in the light,
The alley is calling and I can’t put up a fight,

The square was pulsing and the courthouse was shining bright,
And my blood was calling from the very ground.

Juke Joint

We were coming around the levy and you were hanging on my arm,
We were hoping things were starting on time out in the barn,
Just when we arrived, they rosined up the bow,
We were standing closer as the band played out real slow,

I moved close to where you were, hoping to see things better,
I hung on your every word, stringing them all together,

You smiled soft and knowing as the fiddle played its part,
And the gut-bucket filled the low end with the beating of my heart,
And the racket from the washboard soared into the air,
And mixed with all the voices singing out in prayer,

The sound of the mandolin rang like bells in winter,
You looked on with innocence for the rest of all us sinners,

Bring out a tin pail and put it in a spot where everyone can see,
And we’ll fill it with kerosene to the top and light it to the beat,
Shadows dance around us and move along the walls, circling the flames,
Feet pound on the floorboards, lift the working dust, shake the shadow’s names,

I felt it down in my bones and moved a little closer,
We danced in the bucket’s glow and almost knocked it over,

As walked out of the ramble the stars rose in the air,
As if they heard the voices singing on in there,
I drove towards the highway and you promised we’d return,
As you looked out of the window at the kerosene fire burn.

Ordinary Ways

Come and tell me everything,
Everything you wanted to hear,
Say it slow and say low this time,
All the words that would endear,
If I could say them clear,
If I could say them twice,

The streets are running red with hope,
Emptied out and cobblestoned,
The windows glaring shadows of your face,
Love and violence all intoned,
In a single word you’d throw,
Claiming to entice,

I won’t stand for another trial,
No matter how it’s worded or phrased,
Footprints are stretching on for miles,
I am walking around in sort of a daze,

Everyone looks familiar
when you haven’t seen a friendly face for days,
And I’m still stuck in my ordinary ways,

Better leave it left alone,
Streaming out over the wire,
Fingers dancing nimbly to and fro,
Responding to a world of liars,
And they’re dancing on a fire,
Burning through the ice,

My breath is floating on top of the air,
It’s colder here than I can recall,
My feet are sore and soon to go bare,
I am walking around for the hell of it all,

Everything looks familiar
when you’ve walked for miles and found you’ve lost your way,
And I’m still stuck in all my ordinary ways.


When I was young I kept my tongue in my pocket,
And a spoonful of cold molasses stuck in my mouth,
But my mind was racing like a solid fuel rocket,
With ideas of love and romance running around,

I spent my days applying varnish and laquer,
But my mind was stuck inside my head like a jar,
My heart shot skyward like a lit firecracker,
When we met on the train inside a passenger car,

I’ve been stammering for forty years,
But it’s coming easy on the 4th of July,
I am grounded by the sound of your voice,
But I am flying from the look in your eyes,

Across the tables in the car we would stare on,
I couldn’t tell you how it happened or why,
But when you asked me if I might like to share one,
Out came an eloquent and witty reply,

We watched the fireworks clime up in the heavens,
And light up all of the midsummer sky,
We fell asleep about ten of eleven,
In each other’s arms as the country went by.

As I Expected from You

Hang on the walls in an old white picture frame,
Sun from the morning seems to call your name,
Light sing down the hall, though I’m not sure how you came,

I’m not bleeding anymore,
We can make love on the floor,
I hear you weeping through the door,
And I’m not sure what I wanted you for,

Sleep through the morning & don’t show me your eyes,
Stains on the bed sheets seem to sever the ties,
Keep the tears from forming at the edge of our compromise,

I’m not screaming your name,
Visions of your art will remain,
I’ve stopped believing in the game,
I’m sorry for my part in making you cry just the same,

I’m not leaving too soon,
I’m not sure what I’m clinging to,
I’m not breathing like I used to,
Things haven’t gone quite as I expected from you.

Vanish Line, Side A Officially Released


Available at

We are positively giddy to announce the release of Side A of our second album, Vanish Line.  This record features all original songs ranging from alt-country-infused live favorites like Stammer to RL Burnside influenced romps like Firewater.  Check it out at our bandcamp page and be sure to preorder the full-album CD, due out on National Record Store Day of 2013!

Side B will be released sometime late this winter (well, late winter in the northern hemisphere) followed by a full-album CD release on April 20th, the aforementioned National Record Store Day.

We’re also playing at the Iron Frog tonight with none other than one of our very own most favorite honorary auxiliary Mobjack members, Niles Krieger.  Niles has been wood shedding in Northumberland with a veritable who’s who of the England folk music scene, and while he does tend to go on and on about the recent and very unpleasant “harrying of the North” he is a fine musician and a welcome addition to any Mobjack set.

Gig information is available on our Facebook Page. Come down and celebrate with us both our release and Niles brief return Stateside!

Thank you again to everyone who has helped us make this record and a special thanks to everyone who has waited so patiently while meticulously put it together. It was  long process and we put a lot into it, and we sincerely hope that you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Mobjack Launches New Bandcamp Merchandise Page

We’ve launched a Bandcamp merchandise page and reissued a long-time favorite, the Mobjack Rising Sun t-shirt.

This is, of course, in preparation for our upcoming album release. We’re in the final process of tracking and will announce a release date once we’re into the mixing phase of the project. Scott Heistand’s been laying down some silky-smooth pedal steel tracks that would melt even Loretta Lynn’s heart. Suffice it to say that this record, in its current, raw, un-mixed form, sounds something like a cross between ringing justice and angels singing.

Can said skills pay the bills? You be the judge.

We’ll be adding additional merchandise to the page periodically and you can either check in to see what’s new there or sign up for our email list. We usually send out an email every six weeks or so and you can unsubscribe any time.

Be sure to check in with us again in a month or so for another merchandise of our best selling (and for our audience, perhaps most needed) item: SOAP!


Clean Slate is now available on Spotify

Mobjack's first album, Clean Slate, is now on Spotify.

An anecdote from the hinterlands of northern England:

Friend: Hi, Niles Krieger, I understand you are from America and play American music.

Niles Krieger: Why, yes, I am from America and I do play American music.

Friend: Do you have any suggestions for bands I should listen to to broaden my appreciation of Americana?

Niles Krieger: Well, what have been listening to thus far?

Friend: I have been listening to Mobjack on Spotify. Have you heard of them?

Niles Krieger: Indeed, I actually played on their first album. Look no further, Friend.

And so it was that Niles discovered Mobjack’s first admitted international fan. The odds of him bumping into this person are astronomically low: fate?

Check out Mobjack on Spotify and get your fix too!

In other news

Mobjack continues work on their follow album. The tracking process has gone very well thus far and we’re looking forward to mixing it up.  Stay tuned!

Marathon New Year’s Tracking Session

Keller set up shop in a practice room over New Year’s and tracked for about 5 days straight. Niles Krieger, Justin Tosti and Matt Brady all stopped by for moral support and to help lay down some sick-nasty tracks.

As you can see, we’re making good progress on our sophomore album and hope to have some downloads ready around June. Thanks for all your support and be sure to stop in and see us at the Iron Frog on February 10 in Simbsbury, CT.

Mobjack Tracks Bass… Hard

Mobjack Tracks Drum… Hard

Recording Break

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally taking a break to work on our second album! After a busy summer gigging schedule, we are going to kick back and take a month or two to track and mix.

The new record will feature a few live standards that fans have come to love including Stammer and Northern town, as well as some brand-new Keller Glass originals and a few songs that didn’t make the first effort, Clean Slate.

We’d like to take this opportunity to take stock and thank a few people who’ve helped us tremendously over the past year and who, by and large, haven’t been thanked nearly enough for all they’ve done to keep this thing going: Dan Mattchet for his tireless work on the first album; Dave Stillman for his getting us started and his continued influence on the band’s sonic pallet; Niles Krieger for continually bailing us out of tight situations and adding his virtuosic musical talents to those few, delightful shows that he can make; Will Violette for his ever-so-tasteful contributions to our early work; Cristofer Osden for his engineering work on our first album; Dan Anthony for helping fill out the sound and then moving to California by way of Poland, which makes sense I guess; Charlotte Greene, Ryan Leggett, Scott Tingley, & Coco Tremaine for their generous photography work; John Groo for giving us a home; Dru Sanders and David Slitzky for their thankless technical support; Hartford bands Little Ugly, Heirlooms, String Theorie & Sunspots for making the Hartford music scene the wonderful, supportive place that it is; Mike Hamad for filling in for Frank and for his critical eyes & ears; and, most importantly, to our wives for putting up with the late-night gigs and rehearsal sessions.

As you can see, making fine roots-rock Americana is labor intensive and is not the kind of thing that five guys can do on their own. A lot of people have helped us out along the way and we didn’t want to wait for an album cover to thank each and every one of you. It means a lot to us. Thank you.

We’ll touch base again when we’re narrowing in on a release date and we’ll surely post some pictures of the recording process along the way. Stay in touch and wish us luck on our recording endeavors!



Rob Ashley, Keller Glass, Scott Hiestand, Steve Phillips, Frank Quinn