Niles Krieger Video

Mobjack’s sometimes fiddle player, Niles Krieger, plays “The Bride’s March,” “Keelman’s Petition,” “Show Me the Way to Wallingford” and “East Neuk o’ Fife” in a gorgeous chapel in Windsor, CT.

Keller Solo Videos

Keller recently played a solo show in Windsor, CT and the cameras were rolling. Among the songs he played were intimate performances of long-time Mobjack favorites “Stammer”, “Northern Town” and “In the Dark.” Click the image below or trot over to our video page to have a gander at the videos from this event.

Keller Solo Video Play

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The recent unrest in the Arab world got us thinking…

That’s the way, Patriot. Let the OPECs keep their gasoline. We’ll just tap into a far more efficient energy source; manpower. If we all learn to pull our weight; nobody, nobody, will be able to syphon away our High Life.

Errol Morris

What are you made of?

Who cares what’s in a hotdog?  When diverse, cast-aside elements come together to form somthing great, why, that’s the American way.  No, you do not ask of the hotdog; the hotdog asks of you: What are you made of?  What spice do add to the national knockwurst?  What flavor do you contribute to the High Life?

Errol Morris

Dandelions Video

Dandelions Lyrics

Beyond all my thoughts are strings of cacti lined along a vanish line / streaking past periphery, they blur into the mile-marker signs / but we are bristling with youth and hurtling towards tragedy and scars / as the desert air surrounds and we recount aloud how we each received ours / we’ll meet the horizon where the sun goes down / and deify the turnpike’s twisting lines / no thunderclap or man could remove our kingly crowns / and we are drinking dandelions / beyond all I know is a serenity of houses farms and wives / and everlasting souls arranged in pairs and moving through each other’s lives / we may not be men but we are armored, we are shielded, we have pride / we race around concentric circles burning all the homes where we reside.

Matter of Fact

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Ashes Falling Hard

Ryan Leggett was kind enough to shoot some footage of us at City Steam recently. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Ashes Falling Hard from Mobjack on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Fair Promo