Colin McEnroe digs Mobjack, in a good way

WNPRWe were incredibly honored over the weekend to hear that Colin McEnroe of Hartford’s own, WNPR, had endorsed us on his show. The following is transcript of end of the show.

“Wolfie [Chion Wolf], or whoever’s on the board right now, you can bring up the music right now.  This is a local band, I’m going to endorse them.  They’re called Mobjack.

A lot of people send me their CDs and some of the CDs are good, and some of them are maybe good but not my taste, and some of them, well, a lot of them are frankly are just not that good.  These guys are really good.  I don’t know anything about them.  They recorded this in Windsor.

You can find more about them at Mobjackmusic[.com].  I think that’s mostly what their digital presence is, whether they’re on Facebook or Twitter, they have a website too.

Anyway, the band is Mobjack, I’ve actually already forgotten the name of the CD, this is the first cut, it’s called Dandelions, we’ll go out with it. [end show]”

As you can gather from his description of us, we don’t know Colin at all, which makes his endorsement all the more special. It’s really nice to hear from people you don’t know that they think your work has value.

So, thank you much to Colin and Chion over at the Colin McEnroe show for the plug and we hope to get you some more stuff to play on the air soon!


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