puts on some weight!

Mobjack in Enfield

The boys rock out at Enfield 4th of July Celebration

New to, a schedule; what a novel idea!  You can now check in with us and be up-to the nano second and when, where and why we’re playing.

We’ve also added a Poster’s section so you can see a all the deranged promotional material Keller comes up with.  Why the black sheep you ask?  Because I said so, that’s why!

The Enfield gig went really well.  Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult were awesome (and Mobjack didn’t play so bad either).  There was even a Gene Frenkle sighting after the show at the local Dairy Queen!

The boys are playing Burrito Rojo in Tuners Falls this weekend.  Good Mexican food with good American music.  It’s, like, Amerimexicana… or something.  Sure, it’s a schlep, but it’s worth it.

Keep it real.

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