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@Mobjackmusic @JamesPlankton @StringTheorie check out the sweet poster on my bulletin board at work


Brian Cook Poster

Bridge St. Cook Poster

Brian Cook was kind enough to put a poster together for our gig at Bridge St. on May 12. These poster are printed on 11×17 glossy card stock and will be mailed to you in a tube.

Brian has done a number of posters for the Heirlooms and his aesthetic has come to define the Hartford music scene. You can see more of his work at on the Heirlooms Facebook Page and on Brian’s Flickr Page.

We’re donating $1 of every sale to the Red Cross to help out folks in Japan.









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Hunter S Thompson Photo

Hunter S. Thompson

Kuwait Loves the Drive-by Truckers

Q – How awesome is it that a daily in Kuwait is writing about the Drive-by Truckers?

A – Pretty mother-flippin’ awesome!

From the Kuwait Times:

Kuwait Times Drive-by Truckers

Keller Solo Videos

Keller recently played a solo show in Windsor, CT and the cameras were rolling. Among the songs he played were intimate performances of long-time Mobjack favorites “Stammer”, “Northern Town” and “In the Dark.” Click the image below or trot over to our video page to have a gander at the videos from this event.

Keller Solo Video Play

Click here to play video.

Help the Eephus Baseball Scoring Book

It’s almost spring; *sigh*…

One of my fondest memories is marking a double play between Cal and Billy Ripken in the newly constructed Camden Yards. Please lend a hand and get scorekeeping back on the front burner of the great American Pastime.

About this project

Baseball has always been obsessed with record keeping. The habit of taking score during a baseball game has existed since the beginnings of the sport; in its heyday it was nearly mandatory. Scorekeeping boils down the events on the field in an abstract manner, and there is no universal method. You can look at 10 different scoresheets and find 10 different ways of recording the same information. Scorekeeping is a fascinating art that has died out to all but the most rabid of baseball fans. I want to change that.

I have designed a set of scorebooks that are less cumbersome and more inviting than the soulless spiral bound grids that are sold today. The book is designed for beginners, with lots of spaces to take notes on what you ate, who sang the national anthem, where you sat and what the weather was like. The book is designed to be easy to carry and slick enough to get the attention of your friends, and perhaps ease them into the habit as well. The book will feature stickers(!), and a reference card with some common scorekeeping abbreviations. The corners are rounded and the cover has die cuts for that extra wow factor. Each scorebook has enough sheets to score 20 games.


The recent unrest in the Arab world got us thinking…

That’s the way, Patriot. Let the OPECs keep their gasoline. We’ll just tap into a far more efficient energy source; manpower. If we all learn to pull our weight; nobody, nobody, will be able to syphon away our High Life.

Errol Morris

The Great Question Answered

The votes are in, the chads are tallied and all the residents of New England’s Rising Star await with bated breath the answering of one of life’s great questions; how much does Mobjack rock?

Well, let’s not dawdle; drum roll please….

What are you made of?

Who cares what’s in a hotdog?  When diverse, cast-aside elements come together to form somthing great, why, that’s the American way.  No, you do not ask of the hotdog; the hotdog asks of you: What are you made of?  What spice do add to the national knockwurst?  What flavor do you contribute to the High Life?

Errol Morris

How Much Does Mobjack Rock?

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We will post the results here as well as on our Facebook Page in about a week. Check back in with us to see the answer to one of life’s great questions.