Hartford, CT – Let’s Try This Again

Frank Quinn makes his triumphant return at MI Bar!

Mobjack at MI Bar

Live at WHUS

Mobjack recently rocked out with the Uncle Todd and the Captain at Tangled Roots on WHUS in Storrs, CT. You can hear the entire, wide ranging interview and performance here or truck over to our Music Page to download just the musical performances for a paltry $3.

The interview below is broken into 13 files of which are denoted below and which can be located using the left and right arrows once the player is activated.

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Track 1 – Intro & Matter of Fact
Track 2 – Video talk, Genesis, Roots Rock You Say?
Track 3 – In the Dark
Track 4 – The Mobjack Treatment, Keller’s Writing Process, Tracking
Track 5 – Dandelions
Track 6 – Gigs, Hitched, Influences, Niles Doesn’t Like Jazz… or Gram Parsons
Track 7 – Northern Town
Track 8 – Downloads CD’s & Vinyl, The New Age, Writing Walked Away Too Fast
Track 9 – Walked Away too Fast
Track 10 – Eggs in a Basket, Working for the Man, Perplexed Jazz Cats, Demographics
Track 11 – Come Around
Track 12 – Gigs, Hartford’s Music Scene
Track 13 – Running Backwards, Sign Off

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Mobjack Company Store

The Airwaves, CT – Mobjack rocks the airwaves

Mobjack WHUS Poster

Mobjack on the Radio

Mobjack WHUS Poster

If you’re not in the immediate vacinity, you can tune in at WHUS’s website or on their iTunes radio station.

Open iTunes, choose Radio from the side bar, then select College/University, then WHUS.

Hartford, CT – Mobjack rocks MI Bar

Stella Blues – New Haven, CT – 01/03/11 – Mobjack opens for String Theorie

Dandelions Video

Dandelions Lyrics

Beyond all my thoughts are strings of cacti lined along a vanish line / streaking past periphery, they blur into the mile-marker signs / but we are bristling with youth and hurtling towards tragedy and scars / as the desert air surrounds and we recount aloud how we each received ours / we’ll meet the horizon where the sun goes down / and deify the turnpike’s twisting lines / no thunderclap or man could remove our kingly crowns / and we are drinking dandelions / beyond all I know is a serenity of houses farms and wives / and everlasting souls arranged in pairs and moving through each other’s lives / we may not be men but we are armored, we are shielded, we have pride / we race around concentric circles burning all the homes where we reside.

Q – Who is Mobjack? A – Roots Rock Alt Country Goodness.

Mobjack is a no B.S. roots-rock outfit from central Connecticut.

Q – Does Mobjack rock? A – Hell ya.

Q – Does Mobjack country? A – You bet.

Q – Does Mobjack gig? A – Like a house afire.

Q – Does Mobjack record? A – Like a hound dog.

Q – Three words that describe Mobjack; Go! A – Authentic, brusk, ‘Merican.

Matter of Fact

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