Recording Break

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally taking a break to work on our second album! After a busy summer gigging schedule, we are going to kick back and take a month or two to track and mix.

The new record will feature a few live standards that fans have come to love including Stammer and Northern town, as well as some brand-new Keller Glass originals and a few songs that didn’t make the first effort, Clean Slate.

We’d like to take this opportunity to take stock and thank a few people who’ve helped us tremendously over the past year and who, by and large, haven’t been thanked nearly enough for all they’ve done to keep this thing going: Dan Mattchet for his tireless work on the first album; Dave Stillman for his getting us started and his continued influence on the band’s sonic pallet; Niles Krieger for continually bailing us out of tight situations and adding his virtuosic musical talents to those few, delightful shows that he can make; Will Violette for his ever-so-tasteful contributions to our early work; Cristofer Osden for his engineering work on our first album; Dan Anthony for helping fill out the sound and then moving to California by way of Poland, which makes sense I guess; Charlotte Greene, Ryan Leggett, Scott Tingley, & Coco Tremaine for their generous photography work; John Groo for giving us a home; Dru Sanders and David Slitzky for their thankless technical support; Hartford bands Little Ugly, Heirlooms, String Theorie & Sunspots for making the Hartford music scene the wonderful, supportive place that it is; Mike Hamad for filling in for Frank and for his critical eyes & ears; and, most importantly, to our wives for putting up with the late-night gigs and rehearsal sessions.

As you can see, making fine roots-rock Americana is labor intensive and is not the kind of thing that five guys can do on their own. A lot of people have helped us out along the way and we didn’t want to wait for an album cover to thank each and every one of you. It means a lot to us. Thank you.

We’ll touch base again when we’re narrowing in on a release date and we’ll surely post some pictures of the recording process along the way. Stay in touch and wish us luck on our recording endeavors!



Rob Ashley, Keller Glass, Scott Hiestand, Steve Phillips, Frank Quinn

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